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Wollammo (1kg)

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Wollammo!™ Helps eliminate Powdery Mildew & Promotes Healthy Cell Growth

Wollastonite helps eliminate powdery mildew and promotes healthy cell growth. Wollammo!™’s high quality wollastonite has been shown to be beneficial to plants in a variety of ways. Most notably, in our research trials powdery mildew was virtually undetectable with wollastonite admixture above 10%.

An admixture above 10% wollastonite also correlated with sharp reductions in the presence of thrips and fungus gnats – insect pests with a sub-soil life phase in which the wollastonite crystals lacerate and impale their soft bodies. At a microscopic level wollastonite’s needle-like structure penetrates soft-bodied insect larvae and pupae, interrupting the life cycle without the use of pesticides.

Balance soil PH throughout the growth cycle with Wollammo!™’s unique properties that let it to break down into: calcium, magnesium and silicate. This highly bio-available form allows the plants to uptake silicic acid and promotes strong cell walls that better resist insect feeding and spore penetration. In turn, this supports increased plant growth and elevated product yields.

Wollastonite (CaSiO3) is an extremely useful calcium-silicate mineral mined in St-Onge, Quebec. This rarely occurring earth mineral is only found in a few places worldwide.

Wollammo!™ has a wide range of uses thanks to its unique organic makeup. For agricultural use, it provides a source of plant-available silicate, carbon neutral calcium, and magnesium; as well as many other beneficial trace elements and micronutrients.

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