1. Why do you have 1 '*' in some "Special Order" mentions, and 2 '**' in other "Special Order" mentions?

Because at the beginning I thought it was sensible to have an extra * to denote a footer mention, but I got tired of seeing one more * since there was already stars visible. Unless I choose a different symbol for the parenthetic (word?) star, another star is just too many stars.

2. Why above did you add another * after the "...and 2..." even though the '2' did the job and you could have used only one *?

Because I wanted it to be more obvious.

3. Why are you mentioning the above stuff? It doesn't even matter.

Because it's been bugging me for a while, and other people with weird minds like myself will be wondering.

4. What about more important things? Why aren't they in this FAQ?

If we had a big audience, it would probably grow significantly and be more relevant to important matters. But, right now I can get away with this.

5. Some of the vendors are all-caps, even though their brand is not. What's up?

We used to have it all-caps for everyone no matter what, then we transitioned mid web-site development. Eventually -- give us time to work it out -- we will have it so that only the companies whose branding is all-caps is all-caps, and all other companies/brands will be as they do it.