About Us

Keeping BC Green Since 1987. That’s our motto, and that’s what we’ve been doing for over 25 years! Specializing in indoor plant growing, today we still offer you the right products for your needs, at the right price.


Like the best small businesses, Mr. Fertilizer was born out of the passion of a man named Chuck. He combined his diverse skill-set — from the keen customer service he honed during his time spent driving cabs, to working in his dad’s saw mill with plenty of opportunities to play “handyman” along the way — with his love of indoor growing and opened Mr. Fertilizer back in 1987.

He’s been there during the highs and lows of the industry; from making gear “in house” — ballasts, timer boards, reflectors, you name it — to today where the Internet, glossy magazines, and cheap overseas imports drive the market. What hasn’t changed, though, is Mr. Fertilizer’s commitment to helping our customers, finding quality products to sell, and keeping prices right.

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