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For over 30 years, we’ve specialized in indoor gardening, including — but certainly not limited to — growing hydroponically! Check out our products below and when you're ready, either come into our store or have us ship to your Canadian address :)

Jake’s All-in-one Non-Pesticide 473 mL/ 1 pint RAW Yucca Flow (Wetting Agent) ROCKWOOL 1.5-2" Block - Singles Uber Reverse Dragon Rootech Cloning Gel

Huge yield!

Best Return

Nutrients play a vital role in all stages of your plants life; keeping them supplied with high quality fertilizer is one key to a large harvest!

Propagation Fertilizers

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Home Grow Operation

If you are just getting into hydroponics or need some extra fertilizer to help with your outdoor crop we have you covered.

Get started with growing media, containers and propagation.

Large Scale Operation

Do you already have an established farm and looking to expand your potential? Our wide variety of commercial grade fertilizers will leave you and your crop amazed.

Along with top quality fertilizers we carry high output grow lights. 

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