Alfred Horticulture

Water Pump

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The Alfred Horticulture brand produces some of the best water pumps for hydroponic set-ups, and are specifically adapted for modern hydroponic applications.

Alfred pumps offer high output and are equipped with rust-resistant ceramic shafts and fully sealed motors that are safe against warping ensuring safety, reliability as well as long-lasting durability. All Alfred hydroponic pumps are easy to install, run smooth and quiet and are ideal for indoor grow operations. Alfred Horticulture feature pumps for all sizes of operations.

Once a grower calculates the minimum number of gallons needed for the system in place, it's easy to choose a hydroponic pump to fit the operation. The Alfred 1340-gallon-per-hour high output submersible pump especially designed for indoor hydroponics applications in larger grow operations. Like all the best water pumps for hydroponics, it is equipped with wear-resistant ceramic shaft that ensures long life, without worrying about swelling from rust or oxidation caused by salt or fertilizers.

  • Wear-resistant ceramic shaft ensures long life
  • Fully submersible, or inline operation
  • Fully sealed motor ensures safety, reliability and durability
  • With flow adjuster
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • UL approved
  • Fittings included: 1x 3/4" - 2x 1"
  • Filter sponge included
  • 1 Year warranty