Tent Packages :) Example
Tent Packages :) Example
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Tent Packages :) Example

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Come on in today to see for yourself some awesome tent package options to get yourself growing. We have some basic outlines then work with you to customize it to your needs. 15% off our retail price when you buy a package.


If you want to get one going online through this site, feel free to either pick your parts and we'll refund you the package discount after you buy, or contact us and we'll work with you to get a package together.

Honestly, things are changing so rapidly these days. Both in terms of technology but also simply what's available which is why we don't have "set" packages on the web site. I'd be here all day modifying things!

But, for example, this 3x3 tent package has the essential items to create your ideal growing environment:

- Mammoth 3x3 tent (Classic, or Pro version for a little taller)

- Sunblaster 200W bulb & WhiteWing CFL reflector

- or, sweet LED grow light

- Ratchet light hangers (2pk)

- Apollo 8 or similar timer

- GreenPlanet 4" carbon filter

- 4" plastic duct fan

- 4" ducting

- 4" duct clamps (2pk)

- 6" clip fan

- Thermometer/hygrometer