TeaLab - LiFeCuBe & FishBall 4x50 Gal Brews

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Use TeaLAB’s specialty made LifeCube & FishBall combo packs for an easy yet successful, highly biological compost tea. LifeCube is a combination of the highest quality soil amendments, re-composted into the world’s finest super-compost. Each powdery FishBall serving comes pre-measured in a dissolvable packet, so all you need to do is toss it in the water. Making your own compost tea doesn’t get any easier!

Benefits of LifeCube & FishBall Combo:

  • Biologically Rich Compost Tea Starter Ensures Quality Results
  • Made with Organic Compost, Worm Castings, Kelp, Azomite, Bokashi & Biochar
  • One Gallon of Tea Treats up to 20 Gallons of Water
  • Beneficial Bacteria & Fungus Protect Your Garden While Providing Nutrients
  • Use as a Soil Drench or Foliar Spray
  • Great for Transplants
  • Simple and Effective Biological Tea, made easy by TeaLAB

Directions: Pour contents of one bag of LifeCube compost into your mesh brew bag. Toss dissolving FishBall into water. Bubble vigorously 24-48 hours. Use full strength on struggling plants, or dilute up to 1:20 with water. Drench soil. Foliar Spray- dilute 1:1. Repeat weekly.

TeaLAB recommends a 1:10 dilution for maximum efficiency.

5 gallons of LifeCube tea can treat up to 100 gallons of water.

50 gallons of LifeCube tea can treat up to 1,000 gallons of water.