MKP (Monopotassium Phosphate) - Hortipray/ICL 0-52-34

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NOTE: Might be a different brand (prob ICL) depending on what we can get, but it's the good stuff -- it'll do the job.

Hortipray® MKP quickly dissolves to provide the much needed phosphorous and potassium to plants at all growth stages, in hydroponics as well as soil grown crops. Our product is free of chlorine, sodium and heavy metals.
Hortipray® MKP has been produced for 20 years by Prayon at our plant in Puurs, Belgium. The high quality of our standard product makes Hortipray® MKP suitable for all fertigation systems through drip irrigation, NFT, sprinklers, centre pivots and lateral movement irrigation systems.

NOTE: The 1lb & 5lb might not be Hortipray version, but it'll do the job.