Sensi Grow - Coco
Sensi Grow - Coco
Sensi Grow - Coco
Sensi Grow - Coco
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Sensi Grow - Coco

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If you’ve been growing for a significant amount of time, you’re most likely familiar with our award-winning pH Perfect Sensi Grow & Bloom. Now the same proven formulation has been re-engineered specifically for coco coir growers!

If you’ve ever experienced off-color leaves, slow growth or low yields with your plants… then you’ve probably noticed mysterious pH and PPM fluctuations happen at the same time.

It’s one of the biggest obstacles to getting “Grand Master Grower” yields from your crops.

Many growers find that manually checking and adjusting pH levels two times per day, to try to keep their plants' growth stable and maximized is tiring, time-consuming and one of the biggest hassles of growing.

However, with pH Perfect Sensi Coco you’ll eliminate pH checking forever because of the proprietary “pH Perfect” technology!

In short, as long as your water falls between 4.5 and 8.5 pH (which is pretty much everyone’s water) – this technology adjusts your pH for you and keeps it buffered there throughout your plants’ entire life cycle!

Which means you’ll never have to manually adjust your pH… you’ll never have to worry that your plants aren’t in the premium growing environment… all you have to do is add the pH Perfect Sensi Coco Grow & Bloom to your water and the “pH Perfect” technology takes care of all that for you!

Part A NPK: 3-0-0
Part B NPK: 1-2-4

Note: You need both A and B.