Rosin Press - CannaClamp, Version 2 *SpecialOrder*

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Double Smoothing Iron With Irwin 600 Pound Clamp.
CannaClamp™ is the world’s first complete hand held essential oil press. Designed with patients and connoisseur processors in mind, we developed the CannaClamp™ to be an affordable, complete press option for anyone wanting to explore small batch essential oils processing.
Choose Between Complete Package or Just Plates
Complete Kit comes with Irwin 600 Hand Clamp Packaged
2"x3.75" plates
Variable temperature settings 100-300 degrees Fahrenheit with fast heat up (5 Degrees per click)
3 prong US grounded plug
Includes 5 Pollen Pressing Bags
Includes 5 Parchment Squares
Midwest Concentrates Dab Mat