ROCKWOOL Grow Cubes (28L/.9 cu ft) Medium 1 Bag

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Grow-Cubes are small 1/4” cubes of stonewool (Rockwool). There are several advantages:

• Grow-Cubes stack on top of each other leaving air space in between them this promotes root growth.
• Each cube has four surfaces from which excess water can drain. This way, even if you water a lot, the Grow-Cubes will not get water logged.
• You have less algae growth on the top than with the smooth surface Grow-Blocks™.
• The Grow-Cubes are the driest of our products with properties of a 50/50 mix. (50% water/50% air)
• Very easy to mix with any other potting mix.
• Special advantages are achieved by mixing Grow-Cubes in with clay pellets. The Grow-Cubes will help spread the water in the container as well has keeping a water buffer in between the watering.
• Lightweight; approx. 1/10 of the weight of a bag of potting soil.
• Fills approx. 10-11 standard one-gallon nursery pots*