Rhizo Blast 275 mL

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More roots, stacked growth, bigger flowers. Rhizo Blast is a root mass producer comprised of a proprietary blend of nutrients, seaweed, minerals, and Chlorella-A single-celled green micro-algae. 

This particular form of Chlorella was bred specifically for Botanicare for Rhizo Blast. It was fed a very specific diet which increases the number of natural plant nutrients inside.

  • Chlorella algae are very effective at converting light, water, and carbon into biomass containing lipids.
  • The outer cell wall of the algae has been lysed (exploded) which makes the nutrients readily available to the plant.
  • Seaweed is rich in carbohydrates, which plants use as building blocks and large populations of beneficial micro-organisms used as a food source.

Guaranteed Analysis:

N 1.15%, P 0.5%, K 1.15%, 0.005% Wetting agent (Yucca Extract)

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