Optic Foliar

Optic Foliar Transport 250 mL

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Optic Foliar Transport is a revolutionary delivery agent that delivers the active ingredients within your spray into the plant through the leaves stomata, which increases gas exchange and allows plants to absorb spray solutions. Unlike traditional sprays, Transport can be sprayed on plants even with the lights on and without the need to adjust the spray's pH. Optic Foliar Transport Directions: Shake concentrate before mixing For each 1 litre/quart of spray solution add 7.5 ml/ 1.5 tsp of TRANSPORT, REV & WATTS Spray leaves 2-3 times per week throughout growth stage and up to week 4 of flower Additional Usage Notes: Best used with distilled water Shake products well before use Spray while lights are on Do no adjust pH of foliar spray Avoid spraying any electrical or lighting