Optic Foliar

Optic Foliar Elium (formerly Atak) 250 mL

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Note: No pesticidal claims to be inferred from the below description.

Elium / ATAK will treat PM and boost the plants overall health. The dual action of Elium / ATAK immediately combats and eradicates PM on the leaves while also boosting the plants overall health to help prevent and combat PM naturally. Utilize Elium / ATAK concentrate to prevent and combat problems in any stage of growth from cuttings to late stages of flower.

Q: Can we use Elium / ATAK in late flower? A: Yes, spot spray as needed and stop spraying 7-10 days before harvest

Q: How late into flower can I use Elium / ATAK to control PM? A: Spot treat as needed in late flower and stop using 7-10 days before harvest.

Directions: For each liter of water add : 10 ml of Elium / ATAK concentrate & 10 ml of TRANSPORT Shake well and apply to plants every 7-10 days

Elium / ATAK concentrate can also be mixed in with TRANSPORT, WATTS & REV