PiNutrients (Nutrivida/HeavyHarvest) Micro

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(NOTE: Pi, NutriVida, and Heavy Harvest are the same formula. We carry the Pi brand.)

Heavy Harvest Micro is a natural source of micronutrients intended to be used in combination with either Heavy Harvest Grow or Heavy Harvest Bloom. Our sources includes sea salts, molasses, bentonite clay and other natural sources mixed in optimal amounts. Because our micronutrient sources are natural, the exact amounts of each nutrient can vary slightly. We used real plant tissue test results to manufacture a micronutrient supplement which contain the minimum balance of micronutrients required by plants while growing and flowering.

Also included in Heavy Harvest Micro are chelating carbon sources that can clean away excessive amounts of micronutrients and ensure that the plants are getting the correct mix. There are no buffering agents present in our fertilizer mixes so please pay attention to your pH and adjust accordingly using pH Up and pH Down products.