Pi Nutrients / NutriVida (Heavy Harvest) Grow 4 L

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(NOTE: Nutrivida & Heavy Harvest use the same formula. We carry the NutriVida brand.)

Heavy Harvest Grow is a fertilizer designed to be used simultaneously with Heavy Harvest Micro during the vegetative growth of a wide variety of bedding, fruiting and flowering plants. Relatively high amounts of nitrogen in this product are intentionally provided with an optimal ammonium to nitrate ratio of 20:80. This ratio allows for maximum growth of plants during vegetation. We used real plant tissue test results to manufacture a fertilizer which contains an exact balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in relationship to the secondary nutrients sulphur (sulfate) magnesium and calcium required by growing plants. When combined with the micronutrients found in the Heavy Harvest Micro, growers have an excellent method of growing a wide variety of thriving plants.

Some of the natural ingredients in this product contain trace amounts of micronutrients but this should not be relied upon as a micronutrient source when feeding plants. Always make sure to add Heavy Harvest Micro with this fertilizer. There are no plant growth regulators or stimulants in Bloom or Micro. There are no buffering agents present in our fertilizer mixes so please pay attention to your pH and adjust accordingly using pH Up and pH Down products.