Luster Leaf

MOISTURE METER - Rapitest Mini MODEL 1810

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Care for your plants with the help of the Luster Leaf Moisture Meter. Sinking the rod into the soil delivers a result on the easy-to-read gauge, showing if the dirt is dry or moist. It also helps to prevent over-watering, making it a must-have essential for plant species with particular moisture requirements. The Luster Leaf meter requires no batteries and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It makes a useful addition to any collection of garden supplies and works for caring for flowers, vegetable-producing plants and more. Rapitest 1810 Mini Moisture Meter:
  • Measures moisture in soil
  • Easy-to-read gauge
  • Lets you know when water is needed and prevents over-watering
  • Makes plant care easier
  • Requires no batteries
  • Luster Leaf 1810 Rapitest mini soil moisture meter works on soil indoors and outdoors