Medi One 4-3-3 1 Part Nutrient
Medi One 4-3-3 1 Part Nutrient

Medi One 4-3-3 1 Part Nutrient

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Discover Green Planet Nutrients Medi One 4-3-3

Formulated with readily available macroelements and microelements, Medi-One will deliver immediate results. When using this product, you can expect to see vigorous vegetative growth and vibrant floral production.

Medi One is OMRI Listed for Organic Use in the USA

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What is it?

Medi One is a multi award winning one-part, start to finish, all natural 100% organic nutrient. It is formulated from all natural ingredients for use in organic gardening. It contains hydrolysed fish soluble extract from Atlantic Menhaden that are slowly steamed and hydrolysed to preserve the amino acids. These are blended with North Atlantic Kelp extract and mined potassium sulphate to provide additional nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N-P-K) Natural humate complexes are also added to increase the overall balance in this high quality liquid organic fertilizer. Medi one can also be used on all vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees and house plants. The medical community is raving about this product because it is so easy to use and the results are fantastic.

How does it Work?

All of the components within the medi one are carefully assembled to make sure they form a complete cohesive nutrient source that provides everything the plant needs in a timely fashion that leaves the plant full and satisfied. The ingredients in Medi One feed the soil microbiology who in turn break down the larger organic particles into bite sized portions that the plant can easily take up and utilize. Everything works in perfect harmony.

Why it Works?

Medi One works so well because it contains the following in a carefully well balanced formulation: Atlantic Menhaden – The Atlantic Menhaden is a small herring like fish found throughout the east coast of the United States and the gulf of Mexico. The Atlantic Menhaden doesn’t have much value as a direct food source for humans due to its quite bony oily nature. The fact that it’s rich in oils, calcium from the bones and protein content make it an excellent fertilizer. The native Americans have used Menhaden for countless centuries on their crops because they new it contained a storehouse of beneficial nutrients. Menhaden is an ocean fish that feeds on mineral rich plankton, which makes them full of essential nutrients. Medi One organic fertilizer utilizes fish that are steamed slowly at 190F which preserves the amino acids, minerals and vitamins. The fish is then broken down into smaller components with enzymes (hydrolysis). The fish component in Medi One natural fetiliser supplies both macro and at least 10 micronutrients, as well as a wide range of essential vitamins and amino acids. Norwegian Sea Kelp – Medi One incorporates kelp concentrates from the icy waters of the North Atlantic Ocean. Norweigan Sea Kelp is rich in high levels of plant growth hormones, minerals, vitamins and nutrients. It has been proven that Kelp contains more than 70 different trace elements making it a fantastic natural source of nutrition. When used as a fertilizer, kelp makes plants more robust and healthy. Kelp has long been known to have the added benefit of increasing resistance to pest and diseases. Kelp is an essential building block of Medi One. It also supplies N-P-K, sulphur (S), magnesium (mg), calcium (ca), iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), manganese (Mn), boron (B), sodium (Na), carbohydrates and numerous amino acids. Humates – Humic Acids – Are added to Medi One to chelate the vast amounts of nutrients and make them more available for rapid uptake by the plant roots. Humic acids or humates also serve an important function in feeding the microbiology within the soil allowing the nutrients and larger organic pieces to be broken down into usable forms. Sulphate of Potash – This major source of Potassium is harvested in Utah where it is mined sustainably leaving a small footprint. Pottasium is needed in ample amounts to regulate the use of CO2 as well as the flow of water throughout the plant. Potassium also is needed to activate more than 80 different enzymes critical for rapid and healthy growth. Sulphate of potash are combined with Menhaden to boost the nutrient levels in Medi One natural fertilizer. Together the kelp, fish and sulphate of potash provide all of the elements needed to grow healthy, vigorous plants. In addition to these ingredients we add a number of other natural addives such as humares and an odour neutralising agent that serve to condition the soil, reduce transplant shock and chelate the nutrients. Chelated nutrients are protected against leaching into the groundwater and are more readily available for plant uptake.

Key Points:

  • Simple one part grow through bloom formula
  • Excellent results on high value medicinal plants
  • Effective as a soil nutrient or as a foliar feed
  • Enhances plant vigour
  • Increases disease and stress resistance
  • Convenient liquid formulation
  • Encourages vibrant, lush growth
  • Dr Hornby Recommended

How to Use It:

Medi One is the easiest organic nutrient to use on the market, all that is needed is to add 20-30mls of Medi One per gallon of water and adjust the pH to the desired level. Fertilise your plants once or twice a week as needed. When watering or fertilising try to achieve a 5%-10% run off so that any build up is gently flushed.