Kushie Kush *Special Order**
Kushie Kush *Special Order**
Kushie Kush *Special Order**
Advanced Nutrients

Kushie Kush *Special Order**

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Hydroponics experts at Advanced Nutrients saw that Kushie Kush is a must-have for the medical community, so company co-founder Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis asked his team of plant scientists to immediately find what makes Kush tick and what fires up its flower-making machinery.

One thing to notice is that while Kush growers have spent many years and dollars using other bloom products, never before has anyone given Kush cultivators a bloom booster that specifically pumps more value, yield, and potency into their beloved Kush buds.

And you bet you’ll feel your medical problems very quickly recede when you’ve inhaled your tasty bowl of custom-fed Kush medicine. Kush booster that makes more harvest weight and medicinal potency

Better yet, you’re guaranteed at least 17.73% increase in bud weight, you’ll be glad you use Kushie Kush to unleash your kush plants full genetic potential.

  • Maximize Your Yields And Optimize Flower Potency
  • Specifically Designed & Tested To Give More Potency And Weight
  • Kushie Kush is compatible with all hydroponics, sphagnum and soil growing mediums
  • Kushie Kush is the bloom booster Kush lovers have been waiting for

*Special order: contact us for current pricing.