Seaweed (Kelp) Meal

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Reindeers Kelp Meal is 100% natural organic marine algae product. Although certified laboratory analyses are obtained, they may vary slightly from the typical analysis due to naturally occurring fluctuations in the sea plant due to time of year, geographical location, plant life cycle, nutrient availability due to tidal conditions and tide flow. The information presented above is based on long-term sampling and statistical analysis and is believed to be accurate and reliable. However Reindeers Natural Plant Foods makes no warranty, either express or implied, and assumes no liability for this information and the product described herein. These are averages and are not guaranteed as conditions of sale.


KELP MEAL Analysis


Moisture Max 13% Alginic Acid 18-27%
Crude Protein Min4% Mannitol 3-8%
Crude Fiber 6% Laminarin 2-5%
Ash (Minerals) Max 23% Other Sugars 20-22%
Fat Min2.5%    
Carbohydrates Min 50%    





Aluminum (Al) Max120mg/kg Biotin 0.1-0.4 mg/kg
Barium (Ba) Max15mg/kg Carotene 30-60 mg/kg
Beryllium (Be) <1 mg/kg Folic Acid 0.1-0.5 mg/kg
Boron (B) Min 80 mg/kg Niacin 10-30 mg/kg
Cadmium (Cd) <1 mg/kg Riboflavin 5-10 mg/kg
Calcium (Ca) Min 1.2% Thiamin 1-5 mg/kg
Chloride (Cl) Max 3.5% Tocopherols 150-300 mg/kg
Chromium (Cr) 1-2 mg/kg Vitamin C 100-2000 mg/kg
Cobalt (Co) <1 mg/kg Vitamin B12 0.004 mg/kg
Copper (Cu) Max 2 mg/kg Vitamin K <10 mg/kg
Iodine (I) Min 650 mg/kg    
Iron (Fe) Min 150 mg/kg AMINO ACID CONTENT:  
Lead (Pb) <1 mg/kg Alanine 0.34%
Magnesium (Mg) Min 0.6% Arginine 0.22%
Manganese (Mn) Min 25 mg/kg Aspartic Acid 0.53%
Mercury (Hg) <1 mg/kg Cystine 0.07%
Molybdenum (Mo) <2 mg/kg Glutamic Acid 0.71%
Nickel (Ni) <1 mg/kg Glycine 0.30%
Nitrogen (N) Min 0.6% Histidine 0.07%
Phosphorus (P) Min 0.1% Isoleucine 0.26%
Potassium (K) Min 1.5% Leucine 0.38%
Selenium (Se) <1 mg/kg Lysine 0.30%
Sodium (Na) Max 3.5% Methionine 0.11%
Strontium (Sr) 100-600 mg/kg Phenylalanine 0.24%
Sulfur (Sp) Min 1.8% Proline 0.25%
Tin (Sn) <10 mg/kg Serine 0.27%
Titanium (Ti) Max 10 mg/kg Threonine 0.25%
Vanadium (V) Max 5 mg/kg Tyrosine 0.12%
Zinc(Zn) Min 20 mg/kg Tryptophan 0.06%
    Valine 0.27%