Growth Plus
Growth Plus
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Growth Plus

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Growth Plus is a plant extract which is quality controlled for a particular growth hormone. Contains cytokines, auxins, enzymes, gibberellins, ethylene and many other micronutrients. Growth Plus is produced using the strictest quality control methods possible. This is the Cadillac of plant food – you will have thicker, stronger, and more plentiful buds and off shoots than ever before.

Growth Plus is an all-natural marine algae extract plant food. A little goes a long way. This bottle will yield 400 litres of foliar spray solution or 2000 litres of watering solution. For all gardens, greenhouses, houseplants, lawns and golf courses.

Directions: Shake well before using. Apply non-toxic Growth Plus in the early morning or late afternoon for best results. Mix only enough for daily use, keep from freezing.

Foliar Spraying: Dilute 10mL to 1L of water, start spraying plants at the 2 to 4 leaf stage. Continue weekly for next 2 to 3 weeks. Spray when leaves are dry and no rain is expected.

Root Watering – Transplanting – Seeding: Dilute 10mL to 5L litres of water, soak soil thoroughly.

Note: Only minor amounts of nutrients applied to foliage or seed are absorbed by plants. Foliar and seed treatments therefore supply only a portion of the three major nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) required for successful plant production. Such a product is recommended only for a use as a supplement source of plant nutrients to a basic fertilizer program that relates to the fertility level of the soil.

Guaranteed minimum analysis:

Total nitrogen: 0.5%

Available phosphoric acid: 4.0%

Soluble potash: 5.0%

Organic matter: 10%


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