Growlight Garden - Micro (Black or White version)

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Growlight Garden ~ Micros are our original  Growlight Gardens in a reduced footprint!

These gardens are ideal anywhere you want to grow or showcase your favorite plants but have some space constraints.

  • Small kitchens
  • Your desktop at work
  • College Dorms
  • Studio Apartments
  • Micro Apartments
  • Motorhomes & Campers

SunBlaster Growlight Gardens

  • are not internet connected
  • don't run off of apps on your phone  
  • don't use Keurig type plant starters, where you just set it and forget it

No, these are real gardens that grow in soil and allow you to choose the items you want to grow, from seed, or from store bought started plants.


The perfect kit for indoor salad or micro green production!

The compact size and shape of these gardens make them ideal for table or kitchen countertop use.  

Auto watering

We  include our "Wicking System" that very simply keeps your plants auto watered for up 10 days or so. Each SunBlaster Growlight Garden or Growlight Garden Micro comes with the raised platform that goes into the base and a "Wicking Mat" that transports the water to your plants.


How it works

The Wicking System provides a capillary movement where it draws or wicks water from the base reservoir, via the wicking mat and carries it to the tray bottom. These trays have been specifically engineered to allow for just the right amount of water to enter the growing medium.


No guesswork as to how much or when to water, we have done the work for you. The tray design allows for proper air circulation between the wicking mat and the tray bottom providing good air movement and helping to keep the root zone healthy and happy. This keeps your planted seedling trays optimally watered.   


We recommend rotating your trays every few days to prevent the roots from growing into your wicking mat and making post harvest clean up a breeze. Wicking mats can be reused or replaced as needed.