GroGenie (GrowGenie) fits 3/4"

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Structure your water!! Cheapest structuring device on the market. Inside it there's an auger designed with the Fibonacci ratio in mind.

How does it work?

Gro genie is an ingenious patent-pending attachment for your garden hose or irrigation system that increases the bio-availability of water and volatizes chlorine. Just screw it on a hose in seconds and start watering.

How it does this is through a compressed narrowing vortex that structures the water to contain more energy. The power of the vortex to contain and transmit energy is seen throughout the universe in solar systems, galaxies, whirlpools, tornadoes, tree rings and the structure of living cells to name a few. What we have done is add some structural refinements to make a low-cost efficient vortex device to enhance plant growth.

Plants can absorb life-giving water quicker and more efficiently. This results in larger, faster growing vegetables, flowers and trees.


I know, it sounds crazy but there's something to it. :)