Dimlux Expert Series - CMH 630W - DL63D *Special Order*
Dimlux Expert Series - CMH 630W - DL63D *Special Order*

Dimlux Expert Series - CMH 630W - DL63D *Special Order*

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The sensationally bright glow of the light emitted from a ceramic discharge lamp is just as impressive as the relatively small amount of power needed to drive it. Indeed, only the yield-boosting results that can and will be achieved with these products eclipses the energy and efficiency benefits on offer! 

Dimlux has embraced this exciting new technology, creating an innovative range of systems that take all the positive attributes of the outstanding Expert Series and then supercharge them to step performance up to the next level! 

Greater efficiency, you say? Yes! In terms of efficiency, Dimlux Expert Series Complete CDM Lights kick out more micromoles per watt (1.9 u/mol/Watt) than competing models. This essentially means that these units give you and your plants a greater amount of light output from the amount of energy invested. 

Like the other major lighting systems on the market, Dimlux Expert Series Complete CDM units consist of a reflector, a ballast, and a lamp. However, closer inspection will reveal distinct differences – the most notable of which being that all three components have been integrated into one! Better still, the 630 Watt model somehow manages to incorporate two 315 Watt lamps for twice the power! 

Positioning the ballast directly behind the reflector and housing both of them together cleverly does away with the need for a lengthy cable, helping to prevent electromagnetic interference for an uninterrupted supply of energy to the lamp. As a result, you can suspend the entire unit directly above the canopy, dramatically increasing the intensity of light fed to plants and massively boosting growth rates. 

Now even though the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, each individual element of Dimlux Expert Series Complete CDM deserves a turn in the spotlight. 

The silent running, super safe Dimlux Xtreme Ballast uses ultra-efficient electronic components rather than the older electromagnetic technology, allowing for the provision of 7 separate lighting settings – including two overdrive options (for up to 15% extra lumens) – all changeable via a convenient dimmer switch. You can even go one step further and install a Dimlux Maxi Controller, which will manage up to 160 of the Dimlux units, automatically dimming the level of light when necessary based on your target day and night grow room temperatures. It really is effortless! 

Not to be outdone by the ballast, the Alpha Optics 98 Reflector features blindingly shiny 98% reflective Miro Silver aluminium and a truly pioneering design that forces light waves to go around the lamp and down towards your plants after initial contact with the interior surface (the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle). When it comes to shaping the spread of light over the course of a crop there are easily adjustable sides and optional add-on reflectors, whilst the open nature of the reflector and ingenious 50mm air extraction port help to swiftly move heat away from the lamp area. You simply will not find a better equiped or more effective reflector! 

Which just leaves the lamp left to tick off – only an industry-leading Philips Greenpower model! Due to the internal voltage converter of the ballast, both the 315 Watt and 630 Watt systems can be used with 400v lamps through a standard 230v mains connection, thus ensuring that you enjoy a high and stable light output!

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