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Easy Bake 3 kg

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Easy Bake is designed for organic container growing both indoors and outdoors

Q: What we are achieving by using EASY BAKE for potted plants?
A: To get the nutrients of the organic mix directly to the roots and the plant without changing the P.H. of the soil. This product is designed to increase the sucrose levels of the plant. By doing this we improve the health of the plant so the plant has a much better chance of resisting shock, sickness and pest attack by organic means; this intern means health for the plant and more food available to the plant.
There is a little city in each pot of beneficial bacteria working 24/7 breaking down the organic matter and making it available to the root system of your plant and allowing other nutrients to be brought into the plant by the use of beneficial bacteria that comes with our organic mix.
At the same time you can continue to use your old fertilizing programme (cut back just a little to be careful) everyone has a different method of growing their favourite crop. The results are >Bigger fruit, Dense flowering (better weight), Optimum growth, Better resistance to disease and drought.

How do I use it?  Easy bake is very simple to use hence the name EASY BAKE?

Materials Needed

#1.One bag of Pro Mix or Sunshine mix. 107 Litre bag. Let’s not forget the flat shovel
#2. One bag 3 kg bag EASY BAKE.
#3. 15to 20 litre bag worm castings.

Directions for use:

#1. Find a clean area about 2m+2m (7ft +7ft) open the bag of Pro Mix or Sunshine mix,
#2. Break it up a bit and spread it out in our work area sprinkle the worm castings on top evenly.
#3. Then sprinkle Reindeers EASY BAKE on top evenly.
#4. Mix very well. Ready to use

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