Dr. Willard’s Clear Concentrate (For Humans)

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Dr. Willard's Catalyst Altered Water (CAW) is a non-carbonated water containing trace amounts of sodium meta silicate, calcium chloride, magnesium sulfate, sulfated castor oil, and fossilized organics (from lignite coal). It is sold in a concentrated form that is added to water (tap water well water, purified water, etc). There are two versions if CAW. The Clear Concentrate is typically mixed with water and used for drinking and as a topical spray to moisturize skin and treat skin conditions. The dark CAW, called Plant Catalyst, is used to support plant health, growth and yield.

Dr. John Willard, PhD (chemistry) inventor of Catalyst Altered Water, claimed his product contains a colloidal particle called a micelle, which has a strong negative charge. This allows the micelle to attract water molecules. CAW has been manufactured and sold by Dr. Willard's family business in Rapid City, South Dakota since 1973.