Reindeer's Natural Plant Foods

Diatomaceous Earth - 2 sizes

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Natural growing media for Indoor & Outdoor Planting & Hydroponics

Testing: Our results showed suitable trace elements that are required for healthy plant growth are contained in this product,

This product has been used for many years as a base for hydroponics and most growing mediums the minerals that our plants are lacking such as silica iron and a wide range of nutrients are available in this product. Silica is needed for proper plant growth most of our soils and plant foods are lacking this valuable nutrient. Both total and water-soluble silica levels are very good, making this product a fantastic growing media.

Reindeers diatomite is available in a mix of sizes with little dust whether used alone or in combination with other media inside or outside planting, Reindeers diatomite is the most versatile growing media. Reindeers diatomite is mined from freshwater areas.

Diatomite is fossilized skeletal remains of microscopic single-celled aquatic plants called diatoms that collected in freshwater lakes in the U.S.A. the product is very porous and will retain up to 125 % its weight in water.

Diatomaceous earth dust is not good to breathe in please wear a protective breathing unit and avoid dust when pouring from the container.