Superior Potash - 5L *Special Order*

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Superior Potash (0-16-20): The most concentrated Potash available! Extra Potash = Extra Weight. Use CX Hydroponics Superior Potash for increasing finished weight. Are you looking for heavier flowers? You’ve grown your crop through the vegetative stage and now you're ready to turn the lights down and let it begin its flowering stage. It is now, after the framework of the plant has been set during the vegetative period, that there is a massive surge in the plant’s requirement for more potassium to develop flowers. It is at this point that potassium in the solution can drop to critical levels. Plants are very adaptable, however, in the case of lowered potassium availability, a plant will simply slow down their growth rate to match the available potassium. Low potassium levels mean a slower growth rate resulting in a smaller crop.

How do you keep your plants happy and full of potassium? The answer is Superior Potash. Manufactured to exacting standards using CX Hydroponics' patented Hot Mix Technology, Superior Potash gives you the peace of mind knowing that the product will be of the highest quality.

  • Give your plants an abundance of Grade A potassium which is readily assimilated in luxury amounts
  • Create larger and heavier flowers during bloom
  • You will notice a substantial spike in your yield and quality

*Special Order: Contact us for current pricing.