Condensate Pump - CP-22T - 120 V

Regular price $112.99

Suitable for use with condensate from air conditioning applications. 22ft of lift compared to the typical 20ft.

Features include vibration dampening feet and motor mounts, metal hang tabs, four inlet holes, a clear indicator display, a float switch and check valve.

Integrating the CP-22 into your system is easy. 1/4in. quick connect terminals provide easy connection to the built-in overflow switch. Two Safety Switch terminals are provided to provide system shut-down as needed.

The new CP-22LP comes packed with all the same great features found in the CP-22, but now in a low profile package. This pump is only 4 3/8in. tall so it’s a good fit for those instances where space is at a premium. The shorter reservoir holds 1/3 gallon. Suitable for use with condensate up to 160 degree F