Coco Brick - 40L

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  • The CANNA COCO high quality in a brick - Expands extremely fast due to a special hole that was invented and developed by CANNA
  • RHP certified - CANNA COCO is RHP certified for professional horticulture. RHP Guarantees a clean/pure product free from weeds and pathogenic organisms, suitable for professional use.
  • Multifunctional packaging - Packaging of each brick is a bag designed to be soaked or wetted in. No more buckets, tubs or containers. Just open the bag, add water, the bag has easy carry grip handles.
  • Not steam sterilized - CANNA avoids steam sterilization because it kills a medium's ability to naturally protect crops against harmful molds like Pythium. Steaming also converts plant usable Nitrate nitrogen to plant toxic Nitrite nitrogen and changes the structure of the coco to retains more water, which is not a good thing.
  • Re-usable, Washed and buffered, Easy storage and transportation

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