Dimlux CO2 Sensor

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The Dimlux CO2 Sensor provides accurate information on the CO2 content of the atmosphere in your grow area. At the same time, it is also used to power the Dimlux CO2 Regulator, so that carbon dioxide is released according to how much CO2 is actually required, maintaining optimal levels at all times. The built-in light sensor will even let the system know when the lights are off, ensuring that CO2 is only distributed when necessary for the process of photosynthesis. 


  • Provides accurate information on CO2 concentration
  • Ensures precise CO2 dosing at the correct ppm
  • Quick and easy, hassle-free installation
  • Built-in light cell for auto-shutdown during lights off
  • Dual-beam nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor
  • Powers a separate CO2 Regulator
  • Simple calibration using fresh, outside air
  • Ideal for closed-loop systems - perfect for use with the Opticlimate

  • How the Dimlux CO2 Sensor Works: 

    The Dimlux CO2 Sensor detects levels of carbon dioxide present in the surrounding atmosphere and feeds the information back to the (separately available) Dimlux Maxi Controller. The Sensor also powers the (separately available) CO2 Regulator. 

    This system ensures that optimal levels are distributed at all times, minimizing wastage and maximizing plant growth. The CO2 Sensor will even shut down CO2 distribution automatically during lights-off, thanks to it's built-in light cell. 

    CO2 supplementation is an absolute must in closed-loop environments, where little-to-no fresh air is drawn in from outside. Users of the Opticlimate have been running their climate control systems in conjunction with the Maxi Controller's CO2 distribution system to great effect. The results are, quite simply, staggering! 


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