Water Purifier - 120V

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Eliminates fungus spores and other diseases from your water, without using toxic pesticides. Safe for plants. Safe for plant food.  In fact, this is the same technology, by Philips, that some cities are now using to disinfect drinking water without chlorine. Easy to install, runs as long as your water circulates.

Hydroponic nutrient solutions contain all the nutrients needed for optimal plant growth. However, if one plant is infected with a disease, this water can spread the infection to healthy plants.

The CleanLight Water Purifier 12 is a small scale water disinfection system, based on the effect of germicidal UV. By installing this unit into your pipeline, preferably right after the filter, you can make sure the nutrient solution is disinfected every time it passes through this device.
Length of the entire device: 15 inches.
Capacity: 15 Watt
Max flow: 1,000 gallons per hour at 1 bar.
Pipe diameter: 2 inches
Electrical Cable length: 15 feet.

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