CleanLight Hobby Unit - 120V

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Germicidal UV lamps disinfect surfaces without chemicals, which is critical in some industries. In food processing, for example, UV can kill viruses, bacteria, yeast, and fungi in seconds, eliminating the need to use harmful chemicals on surfaces that come in contact with food. 

UV technology is indispensable in locations where human health is contingent on a sterile environment, such as hospitals and surgical centers. During prolonged surgical procedures, for example, UV can be used to minimize infection. 

CleanLight crop Protection is a revolutionary approach to disease management in greenhouses, on farms and orchards. CleanLight modules apply a dose of UV light on your crop that is a) high enough to kill most molds, and b) so low that it does not do any damage to your crop whatsoever.

This technology offers (greenhouse) grow-ers, farmers and hobby growers so many advantages that it quickly found acceptance amongst large greenhouse and farm operators in and outside the Netherlands.

Using the Clean light technology means fewer chemicals usage and no residue on your crop. Furthermore, there are no legally required “reentry requirements” for your staff or “no-harvest” periods for your crop, following the application of CleanLight. 

A clean and effective technique to protect and improve your crops! Clean Light is in the professional market active in more than 20 countries. Also, hobby gardeners have problems with fungus on plants, in the garden, or in the house, en preferable don't use chemical fungicides. 

The CleanLight Hobby Unit is the perfect solution! The CleanLight Hobby Unit gives you the opportunity to protect your much-loved plants, flowers, and crops via a biological and environmentally friendly way against: 


  • Fungus
  • Bacteria
  • Viruses 

    The CleanLight Hobby Unit is useable for plants, flowers, vegetables, fruit and herbs. 

    How to use the Clean Light Hobby Unit: 

  • Daily usage
  • Wear gloves and safety glasses
  • 2-5 seconds of light on one spot, no longer!

  • Clean Light Advantages: 

  • Environmentally friendly
  • 100% Biological
  • Kills fungus, bacteria and viruses
  • No residues on the crop
  • Improves crop quality
  • Saving on sprays 

    Content Clean Light Hobby Unit:
  • Clean Light Luminaire
  • Clean Light Lamp (11Watt)
  • UV Safety Glasses
  • Gloves
  • Always use the safety glasses and gloves!