Cali 1000W SE HPS/ME Ballast 120/240V

Regular price $209.99

Cali Ballast is a 1000 watt grow light ballast is a dimmable ballast, which allows you to reduce your output voltage from 100% to either 75% or 50%.

This feature is great because you can run either a 1000 watt, 600 watts, or 400-watt lamp with this ballast with either an HPS or Metal Halide bulb.

Although many growers will use this feature to reduce the output of their 1000 watt bulbs, we do not recommend this because if you perform this function, your lamp life will be considerably reduced.

It’s always better to purchase appropriate wattage lamps, either metal halide or high-pressure sodium to use with the dimmed ballast.

This means you will use a 1000 watt lamp at 100%, a 600-watt lamp at 75% strength, and a 400-watt lamp at 50% strength.

Set the desired percentage on your ballast and then use the appropriate wattage lamp.

3 year warranty