Bud Ignitor
Bud Ignitor
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Bud Ignitor

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Your plants are smart. They bank their early cache of potassium and phosphorus in extrafloral structures and other tissues. They also instruct their roots to make and bank extra cytokinins that boost floral production throughout the bloom cycle.

What makes this so special? It means your plants have extra reserves of raw materials to draw on so they produce the maximum amount of floral structures with maximum oil production.

I want you to really focus on what I just said because it’s important for you: Bud Ignitor creates extra reserves on potassium and phosphorus that directly feed the production of essential oils and flavoring compounds when your buds are swelling and ripening.

So now you have the total picture, and it’s a sweet picture indeed. Using Bud Ignitor during the first two weeks of the bloom phase, you maximize budding sites and flower production while maximizing harvests making them more valuable.

You’re going to love seeing your plants produce floor to ceiling buds ready for harvest when you use Bud Ignitor at the start of every bloom phase.