Thru-hull (Blumat)
Thru-hull (Blumat)

Thru-hull (Blumat)

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To attach 8 mm Blumat water supply line to a rain barrel or water storage tank.

This is your classic bulkhead fitting, made in Austria, high quality and efficiency for a Blumat System. Bulkhead fittings allow you to penetrate through a wall or barrier while allowing passage within the fitting. This allows you to tap into a tank of water while allowing water to pass through the bulkhead fitting, and into a water supply line. We have these pre-drilled into our 5-gal bucket reservoir, see related products below. Have your own reservoir? No problem, simply drill 1/2" holes into your own water tank and convert it into a Blumat Reservoir.

We have even higher quality bullhead fittings, some that stop water flow when disconnected. Check out our bulkhead fittings category. 

This is the bulk version of this item, so doesn't come with packaging for stores (makes it less-expensive for your convenience).

*Reservoir not included

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