Biowave Greenhouse - (1 acre) - DL-9200

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The BioWave DL-9200 Subsonic Harmonic Emitter from the renowned Biowave Industries is great for improving plant growth in grow rooms and farms alike. This commercial use Subsonic Harmonic machine was tested in the labs and farms and shows an increase in the yield by 20%. In fact, with crops like tomatoes and other vegetables, it also enhanced taste and led to healthier produce.

The DL-9200 has an all-new re-design for 2014, Covering up to 1 acre; this robust system is compact and light at just 37lbs. fits easily on to ceiling joists with ratchet pulleys.

It’s a simple plug and play features allow for autonomous operation – just plug into a 24hr timer and any standard wall socket. One machine will cover up to 1 acre which is about the size of a football field. The DL 9200 will run either on 110V or 240V and only requires 30 watts to operate!  We offer a one-year comprehensive warranty on parts and labor.

The unique technology of this machine is focused on emitters or Biowave machines known for emitting subsonic harmonic waves. These match with plant frequencies and help the plants breathe and absorb nutrients better resulting in improved growth.

The DL-9200 subsonic harmonic wave machine has a solar assisted device along with Greenhouses and Hydroponics facilities in order to ensure that you are able to get the optimal results for your crops and farms, without worrying about the taste and health of the produce.

This subsonic harmonic wave machine has been devised after extensive research of 3 + years along with development and testing. It works for hydroponic and greenhouse setups and is an innovative piece of equipment that has been designed as a part of the new revolution to enhance production.

The BioWave DL-9200- isn’t harmful to humans. The sound can’t be heard by human ears, and the effect is only on plants. It also does not affect other equipment. The only job it does here is helping your plants breathe better and grow well!


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Convenient to use plug and play machine
  • One machine can cover about 1 acre of land
  • Operates at both 110V and 240V
  • Energy draw is just 30 watts when running
  • Sound waves are contained by dense walls
  • Manufactured and assembled in U.S.A.


  • Dimensions- 36in. (L) x  12in. (W)  x 12in. (H)
  • Weight: 37 Lbs.
  • Voltage: Runs on both 110V and 240V outlets
  • Wattage: 30W