Aux Box - 3 Outlet - DLFAB3

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The new DimLux Maxi Controller EVO 1.1 has an Aux/Fan output so that an external Aux box or Fan/Aux box can be connected.

The Fan/Aux box has 3 outputs so that a heater, humidifier, dehumidifier, and fan can be connected to the DimLux Maxi Controller. All outputs are 15A. The fan control is electronic and quiet in use (no humming).

The fan controller has temperature control and an RH day and night to control which are individually adjustable. The temperature controller works by means of SmartLogic, this is an algorithm that ensures that the current temperature is actually equal to the set temperature.

  • For complete control resulting in grow-room perfection
  • Maintains a perfect climate for both daytime and nighttime cycles
  • Regulates fan speed through parameters set by you
  • Switches heating and humidifying equipment
  • Regulates equipment using information gathered by the Maxi Controller
  • Easy to set up - plug into a wall socket, then connect it to the Maxi Controller
  • Lowers the stress levels of plants, promoting healthier growth and bigger crops