Aux Box - 2 Outlet - DLAB

Regular price $199.99

The Aux Box allows you to control the switching of your heating and humidifying equipment using your Maxi Controller. It's a simple plug-and-play system that will ensure that the relative humidity and temperature of your grow room always stay within ideal ranges.

Just plug the Aux Box into a mains socket and connect it to the Maxi Controller using the supplied lead. You can then plug in your heating and humidifying equipment, up to a maximum load of 10 amps.

Use your Maxi Controller to program your ideal daytime and nighttime temperature and humidity settings and it will utilize the info gathered by its sensing equipment to switch on heaters and humidifiers as they are needed.

  • For complete control resulting in grow-room perfection
  • Maintains a perfect climate for both daytime and nighttime cycles
  • Regulates fan speed through parameters set by you
  • Switches heating and humidifying equipment
  • Regulates equipment using information gathered by the Maxi Controller
  • Easy to set up - plug into a wall socket, then connect it to the Maxi Controller
  • Lowers the stress levels of plants, promoting healthier growth and bigger crops

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