T5 - PowerVEG FS+UV - 4FT - 54W
T5 - PowerVEG FS+UV - 4FT - 54W

T5 - PowerVEG FS+UV - 4FT - 54W

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• PowerVEG can be used in any existing T5 54W HO lighting fixture
• The recommended height above the canopy of plants should be between 8"-16". The optimal height is 12".
• If using all PowerVEG lamps in one fixture, we recommend reducing the time the lights are on by 20%. This is due to the quality of the spectrum and the amount of UV coming from the light.
• If using a 50-50 mixture of PowerVEG and standard T5 lamps, no need to reduce the time lights are on.
• Promotes extreme photosynthesis for faster growth.