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Keltsmaht Kelp Probiotic (500ml)

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Direction of use and storage:

For lawns, household plants, golf courses, greenhouses, nurseries, and urban gardens. Recommended as a foliar spray, soil drench and/or compost conditioner. Shake before use. Dilute and use on the same day. Keep the cap on tight, and store below room temperature, protect from frost, heat, and direct sunlight.

Dilution Rates:

Seedlings: 1:400 | Early Growth Stage: 1:200 | Strong Growth Stage: 1:100

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Our kelp, Macrocystis Integrifolia, is a type of Brown seaweed native to the pacific coast of Canada. This seaweed significantly increases crop performance and yield through the following positive effects:

● increases vegetative growth and fruit enlargement due to the presence of highly concentrated natural phyto-hormones*;

● accelerates crop metabolism and stimulates fast recovery from stress conditions, due to the presence of Laminariales, vitamins, betaines, mannitol and other polysaccharides;

● carrier effect on nutrients by the presence of alginic acid and mannitol that act as complexing agents enhancing nutrients uptake into the plant.

*Phyto-hormones stimulate vegetative growth by promoting cell division (auxin-like action) and cell elongation (gibberellins-like action). This action works on both above and below the soil portion of the plant, creating a balanced crop with a well developed root system.

Regular use of Kelp Probiotic produces a healthier soil environment, resulting in an increased crop yield and providing resistance against disease, drought stress, temperature extremes and pests.