In-Line Duct Booster Fan - DB212 - 12''

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Imagine being able to walk into a room, press a button and have the Airflow quietly increased by 80% immediately.

The Suncourt In-Line Duct Booster Fan increases ventilation to selected areas and equalizes room temperatures that are too hot or too cold, or you can build your own power-circulated HVAC system.

Installation is easy, simply cut the flexible or rigid duct where you want the fan installed, insert the duct, and then seal the duct with a nylon strap (for flexible ducts) or sheet metal screws (for rigid ducts) and wire in an 110V AC power cord. This 12-Inch In-Line Duct Fan uses high-performance balanced polycarbonate fan blades, and the fan comes with approximately 6-inch wire leads .(*Cord/plug NOT Included.*)

Installs in metal or flexible ducts

  • Boost airflow to selected areas
  • Use as a super quiet bathroom exhaust fan
  • Use to assist ventilation
  • The maximum operating temperature of 140 degrees
  • 800cfm (cubic feet/minute) of boosted airflow