Dark Room Tent - MaxGro Premium - 3x3x7.5'

Regular price $174.99
  • 100% light-proof: don’t let any outside light disturb your plants. Doesn’t let light out of the tent either. Even the zippers are heavy duty and light proof
  • Self-contained grow room: self-contained, portable grow space without a lengthy setup
  • Thick & durable material: oxford nylon outer fabric is resistant to tearing, ensuring that there’s no light seepage into (or out of) your tent
  • Modular construction: can easily be taken apart and moved
  • 95% reflective surface: Mylar Lichee groove interior fabric provides even light distribution throughout your entire tent. Allows plants to utilize all supplied light without waste
  • Venting: multiple vents to accommodate fans & filters. You can open and close the vents to manage temperature, humidity, CO2, and light levels
  • Sturdy frame: steel pole frame allows you to hang lights and fans inside the tent. Up to 110 lbs.
  • Washable material: allows for easy cleaning of your tent
  • Versatile: suitable for all growing systems and compatible with all HID lighting. Compatible with 1000w CMH lamps.

1 year replacement on manufacturer’s defect