CO2 Generator by CVR - Propane *
CO2 Generator by CVR - Propane *

CO2 Generator by CVR - Propane *

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• Use to increase ambient CO2 levels in an environment
• Uses glow plugs for no flame, no wasted gas, and no pilot light
• Features include powder coated housings and solid brass impinged burners 
• One light in a hydroponic room covers an area of 250 Cubic feet. That means you need approximately one burner per light to reach maximum results


Determining your needs

Photosynthesis occurs best when the level of carbon dioxide is received within 3 minutes. Charging the atmosphere quickly ensures that the rapid photosynthesis process will not be interrupted and the plant's growth rate is reduced. 

Getting the Co2 level of the room to 1500 ppm in 3 minutes is the formula we use for

CVR BTU/hr cu.ft.
4 Burner 12000 1000
6 Burner 18000 1500


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