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Citrus Solution - Concentrate - 473 mL

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Great for cleaning trim machines, scissors, pipes and more.
Concentrated. Effective. Economical.


All-Natural Organic Orange Cleaner for your home. Do not be fooled by its size, this small bottle makes 2 liters of ready to use cleaner!! When used full strength, it can easily dissolve the heaviest of contaminants, (including tar and heel marks,) and is especially handy for removing 'stickiness" from labels! Simply combine this Orange Cleaner with water to formulate effective cleaners for nearly any application.


Product Overview: The highest concentration of the single most effective organic cleaning agent in the world (d'limonene). D'limonene is the primary component of the natural oil contained in the rinds and seeds of citrus fruits. High purity dlimonene is absolutely clear and contains only a mild fragrance of orange. Our Concentrated Orange Cleaner contains no toxic or corrosive chemicals and leaves no harsh overpowering fumes. Dlimonene is the most powerful cleaning product to ever be given a GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) rating by the EPA.


Economical - The average cost of cleaning with Gentle Earth's Concentrated Orange Cleaner is just 1/8 that of other commercial cleaners!