Ancient Earth 1L
Ancient Earth 1L
Advanced Nutrients

Ancient Earth 1L

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The scientists at Advanced Nutrients combined fulvic and humic acids into a single nutrient formula that was specifically designed to fit the needs of the valuable plants we grow.

Ancient Earth reduces the effects of salinity and pH fluctuations, increases your plants' uptake of the precious micronutrients that drive your plants to reach their optimum yield.

Plus, you get double the value, because this one formula replaces two products previously sold separately.

This is a no brainer. And since this, like all of our products, is backed by our money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying Ancient Earth today.

All the other nutrients and fertilizers you’re using now are reaching their full potential with the synergistic maximizing effects of these two acids. Other benefits include:

  • Your plant flowers might look bigger… more developed… and juicier…
  • The plants are greener, more lush and more nutrient healthy because they’re getting the right nutrients at the right time… and… in the right way…
  •  These happy plants give you a beautiful harvest you can be proud of… and… count on to be way more valuable…